Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance100 The following figure 4 2 displays the development of the CONERGY Group s sales between 2002 and 2010 Growth accelerated considerably in 2004 On the basis of reinforced government support newly installed PV capacity in Germany quadrupled from 147 MWp in 2003 to 660 MW within 2004 Federal Solar Industry Association 2016 In line with the sector s suddenly very dynamic development CONERGY s sales more than doubled to EUR 284 million and EBIT jumped up from EUR 1 million to EUR 19 million leading to a for the first time solid net profit of EUR 11 million The number of employees nearly doubled to 350 M A activities remained at a low level voltwerk AG became a wholly owned subsidiary of CONERGY and a Greek solar systems integrator was added to the AET subgroup through an acquisition CONERGY emphasized its position as full service supplier for solar electricity and heating and promoted its all inclusive package Figure 4 2 Sales development CONERGY Group Source CONERGY AG Annual Reports 2002 2010 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 20 02 20 08 20 06 20 03 20 06 r es ta te d 20 07 r es ta te d 20 08 r es ta te d 20 04 20 09 20 07 20 05 20 10 0 Sales INTL in M Sales NAT in M CONERGY stated in its annual report 2004 that it pursued a strategy that was unequivocally focu sed on the customer and aimed at offering every consumer worldwide the most suitable techno logies in those markets where renewable ener gy is an attractive option CONERGY AG 2005 p 16 While the focus had remained primarily on solar technology and on expanding to promising markets for solar energy throughout the globe so far CONERGY now intensified its horizontal diver sification via expansion of its renewable energy technologies portfolio According to its own state ments CONERGY s broadly based line up aimed at identifying demand trends and new markets at an early stage to enable the development of suitable products and services The aim is to firmly establish our evolution into the leading systems provider for renewables on additional levels as well Diversification and internationalization will shape the company s CEO optimism and overconfidence

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