Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 13 has seen massive waves of layoffs during those years albeit heavily relying on its human capital My sample consists of 210 hand collected layoff announcements in total Univariate and multiva riate analysis are applied to investigate the de terminants of the stock price reaction I consider event specific variables such as layoff size or the strictness of local labor law the stated reasons for the layoffs and firm specific variables such as assets per employee or personnel expenses per employee Finally section 6 summarizes and concludes 1 2 Outline of the dissertation The present dissertation s structure is illustrated in a graphic form in figure 1 1 Introduction Figure 1 1 Overview of the dissertation s structure 1 Introduction 6 Concluding remarks 3 Gender diversity on corporate boards and in TMTs in practice Evidence from stock listed companies in German speaking Europe Governance Personnel Mgmt Firm value performance 4 Too close to the sun CEO optimism and overconfidence as drivers for excessive growth The Conergy Case Corporate Governance Firm performance 5 Layoffs and shareholder wealth effects Evidence from the banking industryPersonnel Mgmt Firm value Governance Personnel Mgmt Firm value performance 2 Women on corporate boards and in top management and firm performance A literature review

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