Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance28 Velte Eulerich van Uum 2014 women s ratio on the executive board EBITDA Chapple Humphrey 2014 no women on the board one women on the board more than one women on the board women s ratio on the board stock returns to portfolios industry adjusted Tobin s Q ROA Ali Ng Kulik Gender diversity Blau index ROA employee productiv ity operating revenue number of employees 2014 Gregory Smith Main O Reilly III women s ratio on the board TSR ROA ROE Price to Book ratio approx to Tobin s Q 2014 Strøm D Espallier Mersland ratio of female directors dummy variables female CEO chair director yes no ROA ROE OSS portfolio revenues operational expenses FSS adjusted OSS incl financial default costs 2014 Huang Kisgen dummy female CEO yes no women s ratio on the board asset growth and capital structure decisions acquisi tions and value destruction in acquisitions announce ment returns to corporate financial decisions 2013 Liu Wei Xie women s ratio on the board dummy variables 1 2 3 women percentage female independent directors percentage female executive directors ROA ROS2014 Author s Year Gender diversity measure explanatory variable Performance measure dependent variable Table 2 1 Empirical studies on women in upper echelons and firm performance Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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