Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 29 149 largest listed German companies from DAX30 MDAX SDAX TecDAX 2009 2011 BFuP multivariate regression analysis no link between women s ratio on the executive board and EBITDA Australian firms listed on the S P ASX 300 2004 2011 JBE one factor model four factor model OLS regression firm fixed effects Arellano Bond no significant link between having women on a firm s board and returns or performance 288 firms from nine industry groups listed on the Australi an Securities Exchange ASX 2011 2012 JBE hierarchical multi variate regression analysis positive linear re lationship between gender diversity and employee pro ductivity all 350 UK companies from the FTSE350 listed on the London Stock Exchange 1996 2011 Econ JRegression analysis no significant link between gender diversity and perfor mance 329 Microfinance Institutions MFIs in 73 countries 1998 2008 JBF pooled probit regression pooled OLS tobit cen sored regressions positive link bet ween presence of female CEO direc tor chair and finan cial performance USA 26 668 firm year observations final sample contains 1 750 cases of male to male transitions and 116 cases of male to female transitions 1993 2005 AMJ panel data re gression probit regression difference in diffe rence regression propensity score matching Firms with female executives less likely to make acquisitions issue debt more favor able investor reaction to their financial de cisions higher an nouncement returns around acquisitions and debt offerings over 2 000 listed firms in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges 1999 2011 JCF panel regression with fixed effects FE with lagged board variables FE with IV Arellano Bond positive and signifi cant relation be tween board gender diversity and ROA and ROS Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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