Foreword Whether changes in a corporate s board composition and a higher degree of gender diversity influence the corporate governance and consequently the corporate valuation has been widely discussed in the finance and management literature for more than a decade However many important questions raised in this discussion remain unanswered today in particular with regard to the perception of important investor groups towards variations in gender diversity The core market for addressing diversity arguments is the US market which is the most mature and well established market with a longrun history and a large number of very experienced ESG market participants In contrast the German market is younger and smaller but has been characterized by a strengthening of gender diversity obligations and a sharp increase in female supervisory board members during recent years Whether empirical evidence for the US market can be transferred to the German institutional setting is highly questionable given the very different foci of diversity rules in both countries In her thesis Anna Hinrichsen sets out to ask investor relations managers and analyze whether investors in the German speaking stock markets evaluate gender diversity as a value relevant topic for German corporations which has an influence on the corporate governance This is not only a remarkable endeavour as Mrs Hinrichsen uses supported by the German Investor Relations Association DIRK hand collected unique German data to present state of the art analyses which are competitive and meet highest international standards The thesis on hand carefully identifies and clarifies open research questions related to the gender diversity in German corporations but also addresses additional strategic personnel questions in an international context Mrs Hinrichsen fully achieves the objectives of her dissertation The analyses contain many intriguing and surprising results which make this thesis a more than interesting read that I highly recommend to corporate finance researchers and investor relations practitioners I wish for the dissertation its due wide diffusion in corporate finance and investor relations research Professor Dr Dirk Schiereck TU Darmstadt

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