Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance30 Dale Olsen Schøne Verner 2013 firms affected by the quota re form PLCs versus control group firms not affected by the reform LTDs ROA Gregory Jeanes Tharyan Tonks 2013 share trades by female direc tors female executives female non executives short term and long term abnormal returns to trade announcements Khan Vieito dummy female CEO yes no ROA adjusted av industry ROA substracted 2013 Lückerath Rovers dummy women yes no women s ratio 3 yrs av ROE ROS ROIC EBIT Stock price growth TSR2013 Darmadi dummy female direcor yes no gender diversity Blau index women s ratio on the board ROA Tobin s Q2013 Ahern Dittmar women s ratio on the board dummy female director yes no cumulative abnormal re turns Tobin s Q2012 Joecks Pull Vetter gender diversity Blau Index ROE2013 Author s Year Gender diversity measure explanatory variable Performance measure dependent variable Table 2 1 continued Empirical studies on women in upper echelons and firm performance Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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