Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 31 128 public limited PLC firms and 36 924 ordinary limited LTD firms in Norway 2003 2007 Fem Econ OLS regression median regression results in most cases insignifi cant reform had negligible effect on performance at the end of 2007 80 930 trades by directors composed of 62 106 purchas es and 18 824 sales by 15 357 and 6689 male and female directors of UK com panies listed on the London Stock Exchange 1994 2006 BJM market model event study firm fixed effects re gression analysis Carhart four factor model price reaction to male directors buy trades faster and larger than that for females In the long term markets recognize that females trades are informative about future corporate performance 11 315 observations of exe cutive compensation from S P1 500 US firms 1992 2004 JBE Two stage least square regression analysis positive and signi ficant link between female CEO and ROA 99 Dutch companies 2005 2007 JCG comparisons of means and medi ans OLS regression analysis positive and signi ficant link between presence of one or more female direc tors and ROE 354 firms listed on the Indo nesia Stock Exchange IDX 2007 CG Intl J of busi ness in society Cross sectional regression analysis negative link between female representation and ROA negative link between women s ratio and Tobin s Q both significant for larger firms only 1 230 firm year observations for 248 unique Norwegian firms listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange OSE 2001 2009 Quar terly Journal of Econ Natural experi ment event study methodology fixed effects re gression analysis negative abnormal returns to the an nouncement of the gender quota for all companies stronger negative for firms with no females negative and signi ficant link between women s ratio and Tobin s Q Negative effects persist over time 151 companies listed on the German Stock exchange 2000 2005 JBE random effects regression non linear and concave relation between gender diversity an ROE Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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