Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 33 Execucomp data on CEOs Observations 491 375 20 yrs 240 clusters months ELRegression analysis Female CEOs under perform their male counterparts in terms of share holders returns by roughly 0 35 per month This difference is signi ficant comparable to the in sample value premium somewhat smaller than the equity and momentum premia and larger than size premium 371 directors of 39 com panies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius 2007 JBEOLS regression analysis positive and signi ficant link between women s ratio on the board and ROA S P 1 500 1992 2006 SMJ fixed effects OLS regression Arellano Bond regression simple effect of fe male representation in top management on performan ce insignificant positive and highly significant for all measures when moderated by inno vation intensity 432 US listed firms from Fortune500 list 1997 2006 North Carolina Law Review pooled cross sec tional time series models with fixed year and firm effects no significant link between gender di versity and profita bility negative link between gender diversity and stock price Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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