Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 35 668 US firms Catalyst data on female officers in Fortune500 1995 2000 2002 2005 JBR OLS regression fixed effects mo dels IV models positive and signi ficant link in OLS weaker effect in fixed effects regres sion opposite relati on in IV models 42 UK manufacturing companies from 4 sectors engineering plastics and rubber electronics and electrical engineering food drink Not specified Human Rela tions Regression analysis Gender by functi onal background faultlines nega tively predicted productivity and profitability profita bility contingent on shared objectives gender by tenure faultlines predicted productivity positi vely contingent on shared objectives not profitability 530 US manufacturing firms 2001 2007 AMJ Arellano Bond line ar dynamic panel data estimation no negative only on the 10 level link between gen der diversity and ROA 213 firms 2002 209 firms 2005 listed on Australian Stock Exchange 2002 2007 IJHRM Hierarchical multi variate regression Partial support for positive linear relationship gender diversity perfor mance 5 yrs time lag effects more positive for services Support for inverted U shaped curvilinear relationship 5 yrs time lag 53 announcements by 45 firms from nine industries listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange 2004 JBR standard event study multivariate regression analysis positive signifi cant returns to fe male appointments investors most receptive when women indepen dent directors least when assume CEO role Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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