Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance38 Campbell Minguez Vera dummy women on the board yes no women s ratio Blau Shannon Index Tobin s Q2008 Rose Women s ratio on the su pervisory board dummy variable 1 if there is at least one woman on the board Tobin s Q2007 Smith Smith Verner 2006 women s ratio among CEOs CEOs vice directors on board of directors incl staff excl staff Gross profit net sales Contribution margin net sales Operating income net assets Net income after tax net assets Wolfers female headed firms vs male headed firms long term stock re turns to holding zero investment portfolios strategy of buying fe male headed firms and shorting male headed firms 2006 Farrell Hersch 2005 addition of a woman to the board cumulative abnormal stock return Randöy Thomsen Oxelheim women s ratio ROA market to book2006 ROA ROS Krishnan Park 2005 women s ratio on TMTs weighted average industry performance Author s Year Gender diversity measure explanatory variable Performance measure dependent variable Table 2 1 continued Empirical studies on women in upper echelons and firm performance Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance ROA ROS

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