Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 39 68 Spanish firms 1995 2000 JBE2SLS regression dummy not signi ficant positive and significant link bet ween gender diversi ty and Tobin s Q All firms listed on Copenha gen Stock Exchange except banks insurance 1998 2001 CG Cross sectional regression No link 2 500 largest Danish firms 1993 2001 IJPPM OLS regression fixed effects re gression positive link depen ding on education of women and per formance measure US firms from S P 1 500 64 female CEOs and 4 175 male CEOs 1992 2004 J EU Econ Assoc portfolio perfor mance analysis Fama Macbeth regression no systematic dif ferences in returns to holding stock in female headed firms 111 announcements of US firms Wall Street Journal index firms on Fortune 500 Service 500 lists in 1990 1990 1999 JCF market model event study no associated wealth effects 459 largest listed firms in Scandinavia 154 Danish 144 Norwegian 161 Swe dish firms 2005 Norden Nordic Inno vation Centre Working Paper Regression analysis No link 679 US Fortune 1 000 firms from 1998 list 1998 JBR Hierarchical regres sion analysis positive link ROA and ROS direct re lationship between women on TMTs performance Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

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