Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 41 1998153 US banks AMJRegression analysis Risk taking negatively moderates curvi linear relationship between gender diversity firm performance 1998177 US banks JBRregression analysis positive and significant link between gender diversity growth orien tation and productivity ROE and between gen der diversity clan culture interaction and productivity Negative and signi ficant link between gender diversity ad hocracy interaction and productivity ROE 1997638 US Fortune 1000 firms FR comparison of means 2SLS regression analysis Positive and signi ficant link between presence of women on board and To bin s Q and ROA 1998 1024 publicly traded firms US Fortune 500 ExecuComp database 1998 ECGI Working Paper grouped data probit regression OLS NLLS regression poisson regression positive and sig nificant link with Tobin s Q negative insigni ficant link with ROA 1998112 US Fortune 1000 firms CG correlation and hie rarchical regression analyses positive link bet ween board diversi ty and ROA ROI Data Base Number of Companies Country Method ModelPeriod Main result Journal Women on boards and in TMTs and firm performance

Vorschau DIRK-Forschungsreihe Band 21 Workforce diversity and personal policies Seite 41
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