Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 63 Improving the response rate by material or non material incentives e g Goeritz 2006 Mar cus Bosnjak Lindner Pilischenko Schütz 2007 was not feasible as the survey was designed as an anonymous web survey and by specifying per sonal data for potential prize allocation respon dents would have been identifiable In addition incentives are assumed to have less influence in online surveys than offline Goeritz 2004 DIRK periodically conducts surveys among its members The most prominent example is the Stimmungs barometer sentiment barometer On behalf of DIRK the Association for Consumer Research GfK consults around 300 investor relations professionals employed at listed companies in Germany Austria and Switzerland twice a year on their assessment of the current and future position of their compa ny According to information provided by DIRK 80 responses on average come from Germany Thus the response rate to the Stimmungsbarometer is at least 26 percent Several responses from Austria and Switzerland come on top of this number I adjust the data for incomplete or erroneous ans wers The number of data sets originally amounted to 96 I delete two data sets to avoid defaults as the respondents had hardly answered any questi on Second I delete obviously faulty answers and leave the respective field empty in three cases For instance one respondent claims to have 13 female members on its executive board that has zero in invited for participation thereof in Germany thereof in Austria thereof in Switzerland 1 385 1 055 76 17 270 19 49 60 4 33 gross participation net participation interrupted interruption rate survey completed completion rate response rate 1 385 invitations page with most terminations 194 155 59 30 57 96 49 48 6 9 Page 1 number of terminations 41 average processing time arithmetic mean average processing time median time of day with highest number of accesses average number of participants per day average number of participants per week 0h 12m 46 44s 0h 10m 48 5s Hour 8 number of accesses 42 12 12 48 50 Table 3 1 summarizes the survey statistics Gender diversity on corporate boards and in TMTs in practice

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