Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 67 3 5 2 Role and importance of diversity for investor relations and capital markets The majority of IROs is only rarely concerned with the issue of diversity Only one out of eight IROs reports to deal with the topic frequently Figure 3 1 shows how frequently the IROs surveyed encounter the topic of diversity Figure 3 1 Frequency of diversity issues in everyday professional life never seldom once in while often 3 2 11 8 32 3 52 7 Results show that only a marginal number of in vestors expresses interest in diversity issues 43 percent of survey participants respond that they never discuss the topic with investors Inquiries on this topic are rare Hence my hypothesis of increa sed awareness of diversity on the part of investors cannot be confirmed The question relating to the frequency of the diver sity topic in the dialogue with investors is designed as a filter question In case the answer is never respondents jump over the questions on investor types locations as well as concrete demands of investors Figure 3 2 illustrates the frequency of diversity issues in the dialogue with investors Figure 3 2 Frequency of the topic of diversity in dialogue with investors never I do not know seldom once in while often 5 4 44 1 5 4 2 2 43 0 To an open question about the types of inves tors placing inquiries about diversity respondents name primarily investors with a focus on sustain ability ESG Environment Social Governance and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility SRI Socially Responsible Investing Other investor types including mainstream investors are of subordinate or no importance in this context This refutes my hypothesis of increased awareness of diversity across a broader range of investor groups The following figure 3 3 displays the number of inquiries by investor type Gender diversity on corporate boards and in TMTs in practice

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