Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 77 A further disadvantage is seen in the ensuing de motivation or insecurity of the respective compa ny s male employees if performance and capa bilities were no longer the only relevant criteria when filling vacancies Finally diversity must not be an end in itself With regard to the forthcoming statutory gender quota for German supervisory boards a third of German companies in my sample had taken or were currently developing preparatory measures at the time of the survey to ensure achievement of the quota Measures were concretized only in a very limited number of cases such as search for suitable female candidates or new election of Table 3 9 Assumed advantages and disadvantages of disclosing internal planning targets Mentions 35 37 6 21 22 6 56 93 60 2 15 10 5 4 1 1 45 48 4 12 12 9 57 93 61 3 20 10 5 3 2 7 MentionsAssumed disadvantages of disclosing planning targets multiple answers allowed Assumed advantages of disclosing planning targets multiple answers allowed benefits to company assumed no benefits to company assumed total number of responses to this question positive reputational effect transparency and liability towards stakeholders increased attractiveness as employer fulfilment of regulatory requirements higher valuation of the company other advantages disadvantages assumed no disadvantages assumed total number of responses to this question pressure of fulfillment of own objec tives and for justification risk of wrong personnel decisions risk of reputational damage in case of non achievement stigmatization of women as tokens demotivation insecurity of company s own employees other disadvantages a female supervisory board member by the An nual General Meeting then replacing a man Another third of respondents a relatively high proportion indicated to have no knowledge of preparatory measures in anticipation of the quota Most likely such initiatives do not fall in the sphe re of investor relations activities and transparency of the process might be poor It may further be as sumed that these IROs had not received external requests on this topic yet and thus not researched it at the time of the survey Table 3 10 reports the state of preparation with respect to fulfilment of the forthcoming gender quota for supervisory boards Gender diversity on corporate boards and in TMTs in practice

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