Literature Review Women on boards and in TMTS and firm performance 79 Most frequently mentioned promotional measu res for women are mentoring programs These are often tandems i e one Junior Executive men tee and one Manager mentor work together in tandem during mentoring In order to ensure that dependencies do not impede an honest dialogue mentee and mentor should ideally belong to dif ferent departments or sectors within the company or should be recruited from different companies or industries business cross mentoring A cadre of multiple mentors is desirable De Janasz Sullivan Whiting 2003 These mentors advise on for mation of intelligent networks since in the same way that organizations seek partnerships in an ef fort to capitalize on collaborative strengths so can individuals at any level of an organization or any stage in their careers form facilitative mentor rela tionships De Janasz et al 2003 p 88 Women s networks second most frequently mentioned pro gram are thus a promising approach to advance women s careers However particularly vocational mentoring rather than personal mentoring seems to be associated with mentees career success and job satisfaction Ensher Thomas Murphy 2011 Orpen 1995 Specific leadership programs custo mized to the needs of young female managers are also occurring quite frequently Despite many firms stronger efforts to advance fe male careers and the various promotion programs already in place the compatibility of family life and career remains an essential prerequisite for fema le leadership Although measures to ensure flexi ble working conditions such as flexitime flexible working times or part time arrangements and the option of working from home office appear to be common practice programs tailored to the particu lar necessities of women in executive positions re main scarce One example of such programs is fa cilitation of tandem leadership provided by seven companies in my sample Figure 3 11 illustrates how many references were made to various corpo rate measures for reconciling career and family life Figure 3 11 Existing measures for employees for reconciling career and family life 80 70 60 50 40 3 7 13 15 21 22 62 74 76 30 20 10 0 Oth ers Lea de rsh ip in tan de ms Job sh ari ng An nu al Life tim e w ork ac cou nt In com pa ny ch ild car e f aci lity Re con cill ing w ork an d f am ily fo r m en Pa rt t im e e mp loy me nt mo de l Fle xib le wo rki ng ho urs Ho me Of fice Gender diversity on corporate boards and in TMTs in practice

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