Influence of the growing ETF industry on active investor relations work 17Introduction to the topic tion interviews as a method to get further quali tative primary data are the second research meth odology used within the framework of this thesis 1 4 Structure of the thesis In the first half of this thesis the theoretical fun damentals of ETFs and IR are given First a defini tion of active and passive investment is provided followed by a brief description of funds and an overview of exchange traded products ETPs Afterwards the ETF basics starting with a defini tion of ETFs followed by their development and an explication of different ETF types including passive smart beta and active ETFs are given Processes and the functionality of ETFs are shown concluded by listed advantages and points of crit icism of this investment product In the third chapter the objectives of IR and the target groups are mentioned after a short defini tion at the beginning That followed the tasks and measures of IR subdivided into compulsory and voluntary measures The empirical part of the thesis starts with the hypothesis formulation followed by an explana tion of the methodology applied Thereafter the results of the questionnaire are analyzed and then evaluated With the help of the results it is deter mined whether the increasing passive invest ments will have an influence on IR and how this influence could possibly look like After the dis cussed results recommended courses of action are given on how IR can prepare themselves and the company for this possible impact and how the future work of IR could look like The thesis is concluded with a summary in which the research questions posed at the beginning are answered and an outlook of the research topic is provided

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