Influence of the growing ETF industry on active investor relations work 45Influence of the ETF industry on IR work The first two questions are designed to collect information about the company that the respon dent represents as an IR professional The two questions are therefore rather general questions and do not yet touch on the research topic How ever they are interesting for the evaluation of the data regarding possible correlations The second set of questions is intended to show how pres ent the topic of passive investments is in relation to the working time of IR departments The third set of questions deals with the topic of indices index targeting strategy and inclusion criteria for certain indices Contact with shareholders and the targeting of active and passive investors is dealt with on the 4th page This is thematically followed by certain aims of IR and how important those targets will still be taking into account the grow ing ETF industry The penultimate topic revolves around the issue of the influence of the passive industry especially on certain task areas of IR The last set of questions summarizes the opinion of the respective expert regarding the strength of the influence and whether this is perceived pos itively or negatively 4 3 Overview of data and analysis of questionnaire results In this chapter the data and results of the survey are presented Overall 41 IR professionals partici pated in the survey in the period from 23 February until 1 April 2021 However the number of respon dents varies from question to question from 2 to 31 Overall 21 participants completed the whole questionnaire The detailed results of each ques tion are attached in the annex 2 at the end of this thesis In the first two questions data regarding the com pany is collected As can be seen in figure 6 the index that is least represented with five partici pants is the DAX 19 of the 31 respondents are working in companies listed in the MDAX around one third in the SDAX Another third equal to a total number of 10 indicates a different index membership than the DAX family The indices rep resented are the Basic Board the NYSE the NAS DAQ and the SPI The TecDAX is with a number of zero not represented in the survey Figure 6 Index membership of the respondents Source own survey Index membership

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