Influence of the growing ETF industry on active investor relations work 53Influence of the ETF industry on IR work mer objectives Here 69 of the participants see a relevance while 16 are neutral towards the goal and another 15 classify this as less or not relevant Significantly less focus will be placed on achieving a continuous increase in the share price in the future As least important is the targeting of passive investors compared to other IR objectives 11 do not consider this objective to be relevant a good quarter 26 see it as less relevant 16 as neutral and less than half 48 as at least rel evant Consequently the future estimation of this goal causes the most discord among IR experts as there is no clear weighting and no clear majority of a relevance class The overall opinion is also divided on the question of whether the growing ETF industry will influence IR work to a greater extent Half of the 20 partici pants answered yes the other 50 do not expect a strong impact as is demonstrated in figure 23 When asked in which task areas this influence will primarily have an impact the following assess ments emerge among the 19 respondents The influence on individual IR tasks is to be classified as no influence slight noticeable moderate or considerable influence For each task area all five levels of influence are represented As can also be seen in figure 24 the majority of respondents do not expect a significant impact from the passive industry in any of the nine task areas The impact is always rated as low by the majority of partici pants with one exception the majority 37 of the respondents assumes a moderate influence in the area of corporate governance Events for private shareholders will not or only slightly be influenced by the passive industry according to 90 of respondents and is thus the least likely to be influenced According to the survey the ETF industry will have the second least influence on reporting 63 expect no or only minor influ ence Contact with analysts is also classified by the majority 58 as having little or no influence whereas 32 expect a strong influence The influ ence on participation in conferences and the pre sentation of the company as well as on roadshows and investor meetings is also assessed almost identically 53 expect no or little influence 32 at least a moderate influence Regarding the AGM almost half 48 assume no or only little influence whereas 37 expect a noticeable and 11 even a considerable influence Active inves tor targeting as well as the representation of the company in databases such as Bloomberg are the two most ambivalent task areas for both 11 of participants see no influence and 37 see little influence from the ETF industry For active investor targeting about a quarter 26 expect a notice able influence 21 a moderate and 5 even a significant influence Figure 23 Likelihood of an influence of IR work by the ETF industry Source own survey Will the growing ETF industry influence IR work to a greater extent yes no 50 50

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