Foreword The rapidly rising passive investment industry primarily in the form of exchange traded funds ETFs is well known throughout the capital mar kets and beyond However its impact on investor relations IR has hardly been researched yet Despite their enormous growth and increase in importance ETFs play only a subordinate role in the day to day work of IR professionals Neverthe less the ETF industry could have a major impact on the field of IR especially in certain IR task areas If allocations to passive investment products con tinue to rise the classic targeting of active inves tors one of the main IR tasks may no longer be necessary This raises the question of whether IR will still be needed in the current setup or if it will become superfluous In her thesis Annika Erben analyses whether the growing ETF industry will have an impact on the active work of IR Ms Erben collected primary data by sending a questionnaire to IR professionals to obtain a dataset on IR experts sentiments toward the future of ETFs in IR work Additionally she conducted interviews with IR experts to obtain further qualitative primary data and detailed answers to specific questions The thesis clarifies open research questions and analyses how the ever growing ETF industry might influence the IR field In her work she not only informs on the sta tus quo of ETFs in today s IR work but also outlines a number of possible measures on how IR experts can prepare themselves and their companies for the possible impact The study is thus of great value to IR professionals and provides first hand data on the topic Furthermore the thesis serves as a motivator for IR experts to potentially deal with the topic in more detail I would love to hear your feedback on this study into our professional field and look forward to fur ther discussion on the topic I hope all readers find the study exciting and insightful Enjoy Frankfurt im Dezember 2021 Oliver Maier Präsident DIRK Deutscher Investor Relations Verband

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