Acknowledgements I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who assisted me in the preparation of this bachelor thesis Special thanks go to the people below without whom this thesis would not have been conceivable in this form At this point I would like to thank Prof Dr Georg Erdmann for supervising this thesis and for his friendly help and support during my bachelor studies at the Augsburg University of Applied Sci ences My special thanks go to the Investor Relations team at PATRIZIA AG who always supported me in the preparation of this thesis Special thanks go to Martin Praum head of the IR team He not only supported me with my the sis from the very beginning and was always there to give me advice but was also my mentor and enabled me to get started in the professional field of IR work Furthermore I would like to thank all IR experts who participated in my survey or gave an inter view and thus made a valuable contribution to the results of this study Lastly I would like to thank Kay Bommer and the DIRK By publishing my survey in the monthly IR newsletter I was able to reach targeted IR experts across Germany and beyond Thank you for the opportunity to publish my work as part of the DIRK research series

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